Hot Lunch, Hot Dogs, Hot Deals

Sep 9, 2023

Starting soon is concession, hot lunch, and hot dog day! Returning from last week is Mission Trip Fundraiser Friday! Here is what you need to know:

Hot lunch will be available on Wednesdays & Thursdays, starting this week (September 13th & 14th), brought to us by Mrs. Patterson and the Foods students. Beginning in October you will need to pre-order your lunch but for September you can choose on the day. To have hot lunch you will need to either purchase a $30 Hot Lunch Punch Card (good for 10 hot lunches or 30 hot dogs) or a $3.50 single meal ticket from the school office.

Every Friday is Hot Dog Day! Hot Dogs cost $1 each and to buy a hot dog you will either need to use your $30 Hot Lunch Punch Card or your $5 Concession Card. The only thing you will be able to buy with cash is one (or seven) of the delicious Missions Trip Treats. All proceeds from Missions Trip Treats will go to support the High School Missions Trip to the L.A. Dream Center.

The concession cart will be available on Mondays & Tuesdays at lunch starting NEXT week (September 18th & 19th). It mostly contains treat items like pop and candy, but also has a few lunch items, like pizza pops. To buy something from the concession cart you will need to purchase a concession punch card from the school office. They are available in $5 increments.