How To Apply

1. Families should read and be thoroughly familiar with the material in the Parent Handbook including the mission, vision, and statement of faith and beliefs of the school.

2. An application package is filled out and returned to the school. The package includes the following documents:

    • Application Form
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Student Record Release Form
    • Registration/Tuition Fee or payment arrangements

If you are enrolling students who are new to grades K-12 at LCA please request an application package by clicking HERE.

If you are re-enrolling students who are already attending LCA in grades K-12, you can find a re-enrollment form HERE.

3. Contact the school for an initial tour and general information from the office administration.
Both parents and prospective students meet with the Principal by setting up an appointment through the administrator.

4. Parents must be in agreement with our philosophy, procedures, rules and regulations, etc. Parents must want their children to attend. Students must want to attend as well.

5. Prospective parents are welcome to make an appointment to observe and be orientated to the classroom procedures and general sense of the school operations.

6. All students are accepted on a probationary basis, and it is the student’s responsibility to conform to the standards set forth by the school. The Principal will have the authority to decide when these standards are not being met and will deal individually with the student and/or the parents, as the case requires.

7. Lighthouse Christian Academy reserves the right to accept or delay acceptance for any student application.